The complete shafts with cold rolled screw flights can be used in different sectors, such as industrial, food, sludge treatment, agricultural, chemical, and purification, among others.

The manufacture of our screws with flights using the cold forming method allows us to obtain screws with the best technology on the market. Their thickness is consistent throughout the flighting, providing the highest performance in terms of wear and extending their useful life.

This type of screw is ideal for all those applications where wear resistance is important and is recommended by manufacturers and engineers to replace continuous lamination screws.

The assembly can be supplied with or without an inner shaft, according to the customer’s request.

The different types of shafts we can supply, both right and left handed, are:

  • Standard screw with pitch defined by customer.
  • Conical screw (inner or outer edge).
  • Variable pitch screw.
  • Archimedes’ screw pump without shaft.
  • Radial screw.
  • Shafts with swivelling paddles.
  • Mixing screw.