We are direct manufacturers of both spare parts for screw flights and complete screw shafts for unifeed vertical mixer wagons, as well as for spreaders and other machinery for agriculture and livestock.

Our manufacturing and assembly process assures uniform shaping. The outer curve of the screw flights keeps the pitch consistent and without edges in its path, which means less energy used by mixer. The material does not have to go through uneven areas as the screw flights move. Consequently, this saves fuel and extends the useful life of the screw since it lacks edges where premature wearing typically starts.

You can choose the desired pitch to distribute the blades and obtain an excellent combination of mixing and chopping, and to achieve an efficient way to distribute animal feed.

The screw flights for this equipment are usually manufactured in 15 mm-thick carbon steel, but we can manufacture them in other thicknesses if required by the customer. We also have the machinery to produce this equipment in anti-wear or stainless material, which will, in turn, extend their useful life.

We can repair the shaft or make individual screw flights for repairs in any size you may need and at the most competitive market price.