Tubular Conveyors (TRT)


Manufacturers of tubular conveyors

Tubular conveyors (TRT) are systems with the housing manufactured with a shaped tube in which the auger is welded to an inner shaft.

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The auger rotates at the appropriate speed to ensure the longitudinal advancement of the product from the loading end to the outlet end, assisted by gravity and featuring silent and low consumption operation.

Tubular conveyors transport any bulk product, allowing for the transport of more material in a smaller diameter, making them ideal for reducing the overall size of the installation. Due to their closed tubular design, they allows for greater slopes and can even work vertically.

These are very affordable pieces of equipment, but they are not recommended for highly abrasive or sticky materials.

Tubular conveyors are the most commonly used option

These conveyors are the most used solution by industry in general, aggregate and cement factories, and in facilities related to the environment and pellet manufacturing.

Their closed design makes the equipment more watertight and hygienic, which is why this solution is commonly used in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies — as the design prevents product losses and the emission of odors and vapors.

The equipment can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel, or mixed steel options, seeking to obtain a balance between the price and the installation’s requirements.


The equipment is delivered complete and ready for operation. Additional supports or structures can also be delivered.

As safety and control measures, the installation of rotation detection systems, fill detection systems, and even electromagnets for the removal of metals can be requested.

As Heli-Trans is a direct manufacturer of augers and conveyors, we can adapt the design and the inlet and outlet points to the needs of our customers. We can likewise replace the parts that make up the equipment by simply indicating the machine model number and the description of the part required.

For custom-supplied parts that will sustain wear, we recommend purchasing the spare part when purchasing the equipment, thus reducing costs and ensuring rapid maintenance.

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