horizontal and vertical mixers


Manufacturers of horizontal and vertical mixers

We are direct manufacturers of spare parts for auger flights and complete auger shafts for unifeed vertical mixers, as well as for spreaders and other machinery for agriculture and livestock.

Manufacture of shafts and augers

Our manufacturing and assembly process ensures uniform shaping. The outer curve of the flighting keeps the pitch consistent and without edges in its path, which means less energy is used by mixer. This is because the material does not have to go through uneven areas as the auger flights move. Consequently, this saves fuel and extends the service life of the auger since it lacks edges where premature wearing typically starts.

You can choose the desired pitch to distribute the blades and obtain an excellent combination of mixing and chopping, and to achieve an efficient way to distribute animal feed.

The flighting for this equipment is usually manufactured in carbon steel measuring 15 mm, but we can manufacture it in other thicknesses if so required by the customer. We also have the machinery to produce this equipment in anti-wear or stainless material, which will, in turn, extend its useful life.

Vertical Mixer

The vertical mixer features a frustoconical tank and can have one or two vertical, conical augers that allow any product to be chopped and mixed.
In order to obtain greater capacities, the height of vertical auger mixers is often excessive and not appropriate in many installations. For this reason, the use of the two augers makes it possible to design a machine with a lower height and greater capacity, yet with the same mixing benefits as single-auger machines.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple blades, which cut the product while it moves throughout the tank, making the mixture homogeneous so as to ensure the proper feeding of the animals.

The wide range of discharge possibilities for this type of mixer is one of its great advantages, as it can be adapted to any type of installation.

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